When you decide to run your own business, you may face a flood of complicated issues prior to creating advertising campaigns. Amongst that mass of marketing options, email marketing can help turn things upside down for the better.

E-mail Marketing

Our email marketing service helps you create specific strategies for each segment of your audience. We help you spread news about your company while bringing in new leads in an efficient and reportable way.


Our email marketing service encompasses every aspect of your marketing strategies, including but not limited to:

  • Creating and Customising Newsletters- The email creator and editor gives you a host of advanced features to build newsletters that improve open rates and click through rates.

  • Tracking campaigns and monitoring reports- We offer analysis reports and graphs for each newsletter sent in your email campaign. You can learn from these results and increase the ROI of your company.

  • Making your campaign reach users and ensuring delivery- We help you reach out to your users and potential customers through engaging campaigns.

  • Facilitating interaction with users- by successfully delivering your message to the inbox of the recipients, we imitate an interaction through a reliable line of communication.

  • Automation process- With our automation tools, you can design and streamline your campaigns automatically. This will save time with the automated scheduled tasks.

  • Campaign intelligence- we help you get the best out of your marketing

    campaigns through integration with tools like Google Analytics, A/B split testing, lists and many more.


We can also help you in sending those jaw-dropping emails with the help of email marketing tools that offer services like:

  • Email personalization

  • Subscriber activity log

  • Stats and reports

  • Email reporting

  • Email notifications

  • Subscription forms

  • Custom fields filling

  • Subscriber preference area

  • Suppression lists

  • List synchronization

  • Email wizard

  • Scheduled email delivery

  • Date triggers

  • Automated email sending protocols


Our email marketing services are leveraged by the best marketing tools available in market for creating email campaigns and targeting their progress. Be it sending bulk mails, or receiving important feedback, our tools can do the job easily.

Our email marketing service thrives to encourage the two-way communication between you and your customers to further help your business grow at a rapid rate.



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